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Hemp French Terry

Product Name Shipping Weight Price Qty
1/2 metre
924   units
V: 0.35KgV: 0.35Kg
W: 0.33Kg

$9.00 Inc

1 metre
19   units
V: 0.70KgV: 0.70Kg
W: 0.56Kg

$18.00 Inc

2 metres
19   units
V: 1.41KgV: 1.41Kg
W: 1.12Kg

$36.00 Inc

3 metres
7   units
V: 2.06KgV: 2.06Kg
W: 1.68Kg

$54.00 Inc

5 metres
6   units
V: 4.04KgV: 4.04Kg
W: 3.30Kg

$90.00 Inc

10 metres
8   units
V: 9.32KgV: 9.32Kg
W: 6.20Kg

$180.00 Inc

25 metres
5   units
V: 19.71KgV: 19.71Kg
W: 14.75Kg

$450.00 Inc

Availability: In stock

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Hemp French Terry has small flat loops on one side, and is smooth on the other. Either side can sit against baby. If using a snappi, it will work on either side, loopy or smooth.

The fabric in the picture is unwashed, it will come up thicker and softer after washing. You can see both the loop and smooth sides in the picture. Hemp fleece is the same original fabric, but has had the loops brushed out to make it fluffy. The absorbency between the two is very close, but some people believe french terry to be slightly better due to the loops being intact. It also lasts well due to no fluff to wear off over time.

55% Hemp, 45% Cotton French Terry Knit, width 148cm (comes in a tube)

Hemp is great for cloth nappies as 100% hemp has four times the durability and absorption of cotton, so you can have a super absorbant nappy, without the bulk. Hemp also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it ideal for nappies.

Not only does it make a great nappy, but it's an environmentally kind choice too - the growth of hemp has less impact on our environment, requires less water to grow than cotton, requires less labor, and hemp can be reproduced much faster than cotton.

Care instructions: Hemp shrinks a lot on the first wash, you may loose up to 20%. It is important to wash and dry several times prior to using in nappies (preferably on a hot wash) to remove natural oils in the fabric which will hinder it reaching it's full absorbtion potential until they are washed out - see the FAQ section for info on prewashing & shrinkage. After initial prewashing & shrinkage, can be hot or cold washed, & is ok for the drier. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

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